Content with Purpose

Creative English Solutions creates educational media for authentic language learning experiences and assessment. We don’t just make the content – we help our partner learning organizations achieve their goals with effective development and assessment solutions that span the full spectrum of the publishing cycle.

Core Content Areas

Standardized test item writing
Leveled content for learning activities
Online learning object creation
Media production

For us, learner engagement is key to our content creation strategy. If learners aren’t engaged in or aware of what they’re learning, then we’re not doing our job.

  • Conceptualization and Market Planning

    Create a product and business strategy appropriate for the market

  • Content Development

    Create or licence content to meet the requirements of specific learner groups

  • Assessment Item Writing

    Make assessment items that exploit contents and evaluate learners

  • Digital Delivery

    Author interactive books or courses for delivery across multiple devices and OSs

  • Global Distribution

    Distribute and market products for digital and print

Working with CES

CES draws on a global network of experienced ELT writers, editors, and media specialists to create its products and services.   Projects are managed online using a proprietary content management system designed to accommodate custom projects. CES’s internal workflows ensure that project parameters are followed and quality maximized all while keeping customers apprised of progress.


We at CES believe that technology cannot only be used to enhance content development processes but also the quality of the content we create following those link processes. It’s one of many aspects of the development equation that we like to solve. We aim to mitigate the inefficiency and complexity that often comes with adopting new workflows so that both we and our partners can focus on what we do best: Create effective materials.

Future Proofing Content

The CES business model is predicated on creating educational materials and assessment solutions that, to the degree possible, make learning fun, meaningful, and measurable. And they should do this using technology in ways that do not require learners to completely re-learn how they study using technology – rather, it should make use of technology in ways that are demonstrably intuitive. From a developer’s perspective, we plan for the future. That means when we make new materials, we write, tag, and edit the content in ways that make it accessible and reusable across various delivery mechanisms.