The English language has a great reach and influence and is spoken and taught all over the world. This influence has made it the language of communication in diverse fields of international endeavors.

This influence has led to an increase in the number of people interested in learning English as a foreign or secondary language (ESL).

So, there are educational programs for people for who English is not their native language but need to learn it for one purpose or the other. Some people want to move to English-speaking countries and others want to understand English for education, entertainment, employment or conducting international business.

English is also taught as a second language for recent immigrants to English-speaking countries.

Many institutions and companies specialize in teaching ESL. They provide physical and online classes, video, and audio materials as educational content for ESL. They can offer these services to non-native English speakers as immigrants in an English-speaking country or to people intending to learn the English language for other purposes.

Also, many higher institutions in English-speaking countries request that international students applying to programs taught in English must provide proof of English proficiency as part of their applications. Applying students must have the necessary English skills to understand and produce academic writing and communicate effectively with their lecturers and fellow students.

The four most widely accepted English level tests are TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, and CPE.

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