Every learner desires a high score in an English language test such as the TOEFL or IELTS. However, it is not an easy feat. Here are tips on how you can prepare for your English level test.

Know the basic details of your test

This tip requires that you know how to register for your test. There are many test centers in Canada. Register for your test with any one of them. Familiarize yourself with how to get to your test center, what and what not to bring to the center. Be conscious of the time for your test too. Keep your calendar free on that day.

Don’t be tired of practicing

Get an old set of questions for the test and practice. The formats for most English tests are known. So go online, search for seemingly likely questions and practice. Attempt to get as high scores as possible while practicing. Do not be satisfied with a low score. Aim higher.

Practice, practice, practice. There are dozens of free online quizzes designed specifically for your type of test. These websites also come with examples of past papers, along with answers.

Get some e-learning resources

There are so many e-learning resources to guide you as you prepare. There are YouTube channels, podcasts, apps, and videos dedicated to ESL. Get access to some of them and especially learn pronunciation. Find time each day to listen to podcasts or watch videos.

Read English-language newspapers and magazines

Read newspapers and magazines written in English. Get a dictionary to look up any words that you are don’t understand. Know the variety of English for your test and study it.

Lastly, relax a night before your test doing other things apart from studying. Playing online casino games to relax is a good idea. They offer free spins for Canadians. Get your mind off the test and possibly win some money playing slots or poker.