Canada is the perfect choice for learning English. It is a welcoming country, and there are tons of English education programs available. So, there is every reason for you to learn English in Canada.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. However, English is the language of most Canadians. So, no matter where you visit in Canada, you are sure of loads of English practice.

There are so many places you can learn ESL in Canada because there are efforts to help children, adults, newcomers, and foreign students master the English language.

In major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, foreign students are offered opportunities to learn English at top Canadian universities and colleges. In addition, international language schools and local Canadian schools offer the highest quality of instruction with the most experienced and dedicated teachers. There are a lot of choices.

However, it doesn’t come cheap to study English in Canada.

In major Canadian cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, it could cost you about $3,000 and $4,000 Canadian to attend a language school. These amounts do not include the cost of accommodation, food, and transportation. Though you might find cheaper options in smaller cities or in rural locations that allow you to learn English.

The multicultural nature of Canada makes it an exciting place to live. No matter your religion, gender, fashion style or accent, Canada makes you feel welcomed, accepted, and respected.

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